iPhoto Buddy Features



  • Create new iPhoto Libraries quickly and easily
  • Orgainzie your photos in as many Libaries as you like
  • Easily switch between your Libraries
  • Use Buddy to launch iPhoto, Aperture, iMovie, iDVD, or iWeb with the Library of your choice
  • Assign different thumbnail images to each Library in the List
  • Quickly access general information about each of your Libraries without having to launch iPhoto
  • iPhoto Buddy Menu provides a menu item in your Macs menu bar, which is always available and provides instant access to your Libraries
  • Create desktop Library Launchers (like aliases for your Libraries). Simply double-click a Library Launcher icon in the Finder to immeidately open that Library in iPhoto.







iPhoto Buddy's Main Controls




iPhoto Buddy sports a simple and familiar user interface. Simply double-click on a Library name or click the Launch button in the lower-right corner of the main window, and iPhoto will immediately be launched to display the selected Library.

Creating a new Library is easy, too. Simply choose File → Create New Library... Using the standard Mac OS X "Save As" dialog, enter a name and a location for your new Library and click the "Create" button. iPhoto will immediately open your new, empty Library ready for you to being importing your photos.

Adding an existing Library to the Library List is just as easy: simply drag it from the Finder, and drop it on Buddy's Library List.

To delete a Library from the Library list, simply select it and press the "delete" key on your keyboard. Deleting the Library from the Library List does not delete the Library from your hard disk--it simply removes the reference to the Library from the Library List.

iPhoto Buddy will never alter/move/delete your Libraries or your photo files. It's perfectly safe!





Additional Features






Additional Features






  • iPhoto Buddy allows you to use any name you like to represent a particular Library in the Library List. By default, the name in the list is set to match the name of the Library Folder/Package itself as seen in the Finder, but you can change it to anything you like.
  • Use the Display Mode buttons to choose how much additional information about the actual Library folder/package you wish to display in the Library List: the folder's name, the volume (drive) on which the folder resides, or the full path to the folder.
  • The Album List provides a complete list of the selected Library's Albums, Smart Albums, Calendars, Folders, Books, Slide Shows, etc.
  • The Info Panel provides additional information for the item currently selected in the Album List, as well as indicating the version of iPhoto that was most recently used to update the selected Library.
  • Each Library can be assigned a thumbnail image in the Library List to help you more quickly distinguish one Library from the next. To add a thumbnail image to the selected Library, simply drag a photo from iPhoto (or drag an image file from the Finder) and drop it on Buddy's Library List. Alternatively, you can have Buddy randomly choose a photo from the selected Library, or any Album therein.
  • Each Library can be assigned a password to prevent unauthorized access. To assign a password to the selected Library, simply click the Lock Button. Buddy will prompt you to enter and verify a new password, and allow you to optionally save the password on your Keychain. The Library is immediately locked. Locked Libraries cannot be used to launch iPhoto (or iMovie/iDVD/iWeb). All information pertaining to a locked Library is hidden, including its thumbnail image and folder info.
  • Each Library can optionally store a separate copy of iPhoto's preferences that will automatically be restored each time iPhoto Buddy is used to open that Library with iPhoto.






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